Wednesday, 2 August 2017

How to Disable avast! Pop-up Notifications

Stop Notifications and Pop Ups in Avast

Imagine how irritating it will be that if you are playing a game or giving presentation in your office, you get disturbed by unwanted alerts, messages, pop ups because of your Avast antivirus. At that moment you might have to stop or pause your work for a while and then remove notification to resume work. Yes we do understand the fact that these pop ups are for our benefit only; they notify us about updates and changes in the software, but still they are unwanted.

Avast give us complete protection from any cyber threat and for our security only it keeps on notifying us about issues but still you can anytime disable Avast notification while you do any important work. Turn off Pop up notification can be disabled only in the paid version of the Avast antivirus. To do this follow the below steps:
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·         Open Avast user Interface.
·         Go to Setting and then General.
·         When you scroll down, you will find the heading called Pop Ups.
·         Under Pop ups you will see various options, you can discontinue all pop ups.

Note: We won’t suggest you to discontinue all duration, better choose duration for different type of pop ups so that you don’t miss the important alerts.
In case you are a free Avast user, then you have the option to change the duration of pop ups but you can’t discontinue with them once for all.

Apart from this you have option to keep the notifications on the silent mode while you are playing. To do this click on the orange Avast icon on your desktop, a short menu will appear. Now click on the Silent/gaming mode to turn it on. This way you won’t get disturbed while you are playing on full screen.

To know more about pop ups, messages and alerts in Avast please contact experts at Avast Technical Support Number and get all sorts of queries resolved on the spot. So call us now, for instant and accurate resolution related to this software.